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Regional granularity levels in Norway which are depicted by different codes, have undergone several changes over the years. Identifying when codes have changed and how many changes have taken place over several years can be troublesome. This package will help to identify these changes and when the changes have taken place. One of the limitation of this package is that it is heavily depending on the codes available from SSB which can be accessed from their website.


norgeo package can be installed directly from CRAN or via GitHub page of Helseprofil. You can run the code below for installation.


If you want to install the development version then use remotes package to access to the GitHub. Running the codes below will install development version of norgeo.

if(!require(remotes)) install.packages("remotes")
remotes::install_github("helseprofil/norgeo", ref = "dev")


The data is downloaded via API form SSB website. To learn how to use the different functions in norgeo, please read the tutorial under Get Started


Among the output produced by the function get_change() is as follows:


The data elucidate the complexity of all the codes change. For Larvik for instance, the municipality has grown in 2020 with the inclusion of Lardal. Therefore the code for Larvik has changed twice. How about Holmestrand? When there are more than 350 municipalities with different code changes, then tracking these can be a nightmare. The same with enumeration units ie. grunnkrets with 14000 units!